• Routing Error Report

    Shows the error status of the leads that have been routed to inactive sales rep or sales team at the time of lead routing procedure. The  graph captures the total error count based on the time period. However, time period can be filtered into weekly, monthly, half-yearly and yearly metrics….

  • Upload Account Report

    Displays the failure or success status of the uploaded account after completing the lead routing procedure. Daily record of total Accounts Error Count is captured on the graph in the past 1 month. View Detail Report can be further filtered into specific status, and time period metrics to view the…

  • Upload Lead Report

    Shows the status as failure or success of the uploaded lead type after completing lead routing procedure. The graph represents the total counts of lead errors and lead success of the uploaded lead type.  View Detail Report sorts into failure or success status by filtering upload type, time span or…

  • Troubleshooting

    Some of the most common issues and the proposed solutions are here. Feel free to submit more questions at success@leadangel.com

  • Lead Detail Report

    Lead Detail Report shows the detailed information in the database. It is an operational report, designed specifically to help with finding and troubleshooting routing and sync issues with individual leads. It can be  filtered on the basis of lead name attributes. The list can be used to view and track…

  • Lead Routing by Sales Team

    Shows the past history on the total count of leads routed based on Sales Team either in Round Robin Way or Weighted Assignment.  View Detail Report can be drilled down to lead owners, time duration, or sales team attributes to view the lead routing details.

  • Lead Routing by Territory

    Indicates the record of total count of leads routed based on the particular Routing Territory. Lead owner, time period or routing territory metrics can be filtered further to view lead routing detailed information.

  • Auto Conversion Report

    Displays the sets of data where leads to contacts converts naturally (Auto-Conversion). The statistics of total Auto Conversion lead count is captured in the graph. Although, time Period can be filtered into yearly, half-yearly, monthly and weekly metrics. Lead Routing Details can be filtered into lead owners, time duration, or…

  • Pending Lead Assignment

    Displays the pending leads or the leads which are yet to be assigned. The graph shows the pending lead count based on the past 6 months.  View Detail Report shows the pending lead details can be filtered and drilled down to specified  Queue, time period or the lead attributes.

  • Lead Detail Report

    Shows the snapshot on the detailed lead information. The graph captures the history of total lead count in the past 6 months. View Detail Report assists in providing details on leads using the filters of lead owners, time duration and different lead attributes.