• CRM Account Filters

    CRM Account Filter out the list of accounts based on accounts, related opportunity or account owner’s attributes. Later on, leads and contacts are matched against the Account qualified with CRM Account Filter and are routed/segmented accordingly.  When “Smart Account Attributes” are used, the other possible variations are matched as well….

  • Contact Routing Territory

    Contact routing territory is similar to Lead Routing Territory, but used in contact router. Details coming soon.

  • Lead Routing Territory

    Routing Territory [internally] creates a CRM Leads list by combining various Account and Lead filters. These Routing Territories will ultimately be used in Lead Router, thus Routing Territory is further refinement of Data Dictionary filters. For the Account Lists, the [fuzzy] matched CRM leads are pulled into routing territories, while…

  • Contact Router

    Contact router is used to route CRM contacts based on a Boolean flag in contact attribute. Details coming soon.

  • Lead Router

    Lead Router assigns the CRM leads per the definition. A lead router is a set of assignment blocks. Each assignment block contains three components Routing territories  Assignment Optional Features One or many (upto 10) Routing Territories can be dropped on each assignment block. Leads in any of these routing territories…

  • Round Robin Sales Team

    LeadAngel allows to create Round Robin teams to distribute Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, or Cases to a group of users or queues. Round Robin streamlines and automates the process of distributing leads to sales reps.  A Round Robin sales team is useful when leads come in and they have to…

  • Marketing Lead Segment

    Marketing Lead Segment helps with Account Based Marketing (ABM). Here, the data dictionary filters are combined to create a segment that would eventually be synced with Marketing Automation systems such as Marketo. Any approved Marketing Lead Segment that has been enabled for sync with Marketo would appear in Marketo under…

  • Account List

    Account List is a way to create a list of companies to FuzzyMatch against other leads, accounts and contacts. This account list can later be used to filter leads for routing or segmentation.  Multiple company names can be entered in the “Free Text Entries” Section, or can be selected if…

  • Sales Rep to ISR Mapping

    Sales Rep to ISR Mapping  is used when leads are assigned to mapped ISR/SDR instead of Sales Rep. This is especially useful when Account Executives have one on one relationship with ISR/SDR.  Each Sales Rep can be mapped with one ISR/SDR, however one ISR/SDR can work with multiple Sales Rep….

  • Weighted Sales Team

    Weighted Sales Team is used to distribute leads in un-equal proportion within a sales team.  Multiple Weighted Sales Team can be created and used in Assignment Blocks. One Weighted Sales Team can also be used across many assignment blocks of the router. Each Sales Representative can be assigned a weight…