Create Task for the new owner

This option is used to create a new task in salesforce.

Before selecting a pre-defined task, create a task using the “Task List” option

Creating a New Task List

You can create as many task lists as you want. To create a new task list, follow the steps given below:

1. Navigate to Lead Management.

The Lead Management page will be displayed.

2. Right-click on Task Lists and then click + New Task List.

The Add New Task List dialog will be displayed.

3. Enter the name and description of the task list in the corresponding fields.

4. Click Save.

The Task Information page will be displayed.

5. Enter the subject of the task list in the Subject field.

6. You can set the due time of the task list in terms of a due date or number of days. Select the required option. The available options are Due by date and Due with-in days. Perform one of the following:

  • If you have selected Due by date, then select the date from the calendar dropdown. OR
  • If you have selected Due with-in days, then enter the number of days.

7. Select the priority of the task list from the Priority dropdown list. The available options are High, Normal, and Low.

8. Select the status of the task list from the Status dropdown list. The available options are Not started, In Progress, Completed, Waiting on someone else, and Deferred.

9. Enter any additional comments related to the task list, if any, in the Comments field.

10. Right-click on the newly created task list name and click Approve.

The new task list will be created and approved.

Select the required task from the Select Task list dropdown list in the Contact Router.

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