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Creating a Round Robin Team

Users can create as many Round Robin teams based on their requirements. A single round robin team can be used in multiple routers including Lead Routers, Contact Routers, and so on.

Note: If a round robin team has been used in the Contact Router and it has an assignment to the queue, we will not be assigning leads to the queue for the Contact Router. It will only be applicable to the Lead Router and not any other type of router.

1. Log in to LeadAngel.

The LeadAngel Home page will be displayed.

2. Click to any router functions such as Contact Router or Lead Management.

Appropriate object management page will be displayed.

3. Click Sales Team, right-click Round Robin Team, and then click + New Round Robin Team.

The Add New Round Robin Team dialog will be displayed.

4. Enter the name of the team and description in the corresponding fields and click Save.

Note: The name of the round robin team has to be unique. You cannot use the name of an existing team.

The new round robin team will be created and the Sales Rep Attributes section will be displayed on the right side. The Sales Rep Attributes section will display all the attributes from the user’s CRM profile.

After creating a round robin team, the next step is to add the sales rep attributes.

5. Drag the required attributes from the Sales Rep Attributes section and drop them in the ADD FIELDS section. 

You can search for the attributes using the Search box above the Sales Rep Attributes section.

6. Select the required option from the attribute dropdown list. For the list of options and their descriptions, refer to Attribute Options and Descriptions.

Note: To delete an attribute, click the X icon at the top-right of the attribute section.

The field to add values to the attribute will be displayed. 

7. To add values to the attribute, click the + icon in the values field.

The Enter Multiple Values dialog will be displayed.

8. Click the values you want to add to the attribute from the Select From List and click Save.

The selected values will be added to the attribute.

9. Repeat steps 6 through 9 to add as many attributes and add values. 

10. Click Default Filter and select the filter that you want to apply to the round robin team. To use a custom filter, click the Custom Filter option and enter the filter criteria. 

For example, If you have selected the attributes Full Name and City of the user as the attributes, then you can define the custom filter as 1 or 2. This will add all the users whose names are either defined in the Full Name list or whose city names are defined in the City list. If the custom filter is set as 1 and 2, all the users whose names are defined in the Full Name list and whose city names are defined in the City list will be added to the round robin team.

For a round robin team to be used in the routers, it must first be approved. 

11. To approve the team, right-click on the new team name and then click Approve.

12. Click Approve to confirm your action.

The team created will be approved.