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Creating a Weighted Sales Team

1. Log in to LeadAngel.

The LeadAngel Home page will be displayed.

2. Click on any Object Management tile such as Contact Router or Lead Router.

The Object Management Home page will be displayed.

3. Click Sales Team, right-click Weighted Sales Team, and then click + New Weighted Sales Team.

The Add New Weighted Sales Team dialog will be displayed.

4. Enter the name of the team and description in the corresponding fields and click Save.

Note: The name of the weighted team has to be unique. You cannot use the name of an existing team.

The new weighted sales team will be created and the Sales Rep section will be displayed on the right side. 

After creating a weighted sales team, the next step is to add the sales reps to the team.

5. Drag the Sales Rep field from the right side and drop it in the ADD FIELDS section.

6. Select the name of the sales rep from the Sales Rep dropdown list and enter the weight for the sales rep in the Weight field. 

Note: The weight can be anywhere within the range of 1-999. The system would calculate it based on the relative weightage assigned to two sales reps. For example, if you assign a weightage of 100 to Sales Rep 1 and a weightage of 10 to Sale Rep 2 and if you have 11 leads, then 1 lead will go to Sales Rep 2, and 10 leads will go to Sales Rep 1. The system will assign leads to sales reps in a ratio proportionate to the weightage assigned to the sales reps.

For a weighted sales team to be used in the routers, it must first be approved. 

7. To approve the team, right-click on the new team name and then click Approve.

8. Click Approve to confirm your action.

The team created will be approved.