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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lead Assignment Order

Leads are assigned in following order.

  1. If “Assigned to account owner” is active under the preference section, then leads are first assigned to account owner
  2. Next, leads are assigned in order of assignment block appearance in the Lead Router. Once the lead is qualified for a block, it exists the routing flow after taking the desired action
  3. If for any reason the sales rep is inactive, Lead would flow to next assignment rule if the option to continue routing to next block is enabled under the preference section

How often leads are matched against account

For paid users, Leads are matched to account multiple times a day, typically every 20 min. For Free app users, leads are matched once every week. The day of the weak is decided by the system to optimize the efficiency. All the unmatched leads are re-matched against the account during the weekly run. It helps match leads against new or modified accounts

Does LeadAngel rematch modified leads

If the lead is already match, we do not rematch the lead unless user manually clears the “LeadAngel Matched Account Name” field on lead record. If the lead is not already matched, LeadAngel will try to match it against existing accounts.

What is the preference for lead merge and contact conversion

Here is the preference for lead merge and contact conversion should a lead qualify to more than one condition.

  1. Lead is merged during routing process if defined in the “Administration -> Preference”
  2.  Lead is merged with contact if defined under “Administration -> Auto Conversion”. The contact owner will continue to own the merged contact record
  3. Lead is converted into a contact if a matching account is found, but no matching lead is found. The account owner will own the newly created contact.
  4. Lead is converted into a contact, and new account is created when no matching contact and accounts are found. If the lead is owned by a user, then lead owner will own the new account and contact. If the lead was owned by queue, the Salesforce user who activated the application will own the newly formed account and contact.

How often the Lead Router Flow is executed

Lead Router flow is executed every 15-20 min. If you have any specific requirement, please contact your account executive or LeadAngel support for help.

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