Icons Glossary

Below are definitions for many of the terms you may encounter when using LeadAngel. To request a term be added, please send us an email

sales-teamSales Team
roundrobinRound Robin Team
folderData Dictionary Parent Folder
account-listAccount List
crm-account-filterAccount Status
market-segmenMarket Segment in draft mode
lead-routing-territoryLead Routing Territory
lead-routerLead Router
adminAdministration Section. Visible to admins only
foldersFolders. Used in the object tree and attribute tree.
stringString data type
number-data-typeNumber data type
booleanBoolean data type
date-data-typeDate data type
account-routingAccount Routing
account-routing-territoryAccount Routing Territory
contact-router-draftContact Router Draft
contact-router-territory-draftContact Router Territory Draft
crm-contact-filter-draftCRM Contact Filter Draft
crm-leadCRM Lead
custom-reportCustom Report
ddictionaryData Dictionary
lead-detail-summaryLead Detail Summary
lead-processLead Process
reassignment-conditionReassignment Condition
reassignment-routerReassignment Router
sales-account-mapSales Account Map
sale-to-isr-mappingSale to ISR Mapping
system-data-dictionarySystem Data Dictionary
task-listTask List
account-definitionUser and Access
data-copyData Copy
match-category-labelMatch Category Label
refresh-page-optionAuto Conversion
error-detail-reportError Detail Report
lead-reportLead Report
lead-router-reportLead Router Report
main-dashboardMain Dashboard
net-new-account-reportNet New Account Report
activateicon mark for Active status
approvedicon mark for approved status
edi-iconicon mark for edit status

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