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Lead Router

Lead Router assigns the CRM leads per the definition. A lead router is a set of assignment blocks. Each assignment block contains three components

  1. Routing territories 
  2. Assignment
  3. Optional Features

One or many (upto 10) Routing Territories can be dropped on each assignment block. Leads in any of these routing territories are routed as per the routing rule on the assignment block. 

Assignment blocks are executed in the order or appearance. 

Note: If option to continue to the next assignment block is selected under preferences, any failed assignment (due to inactive owner, unmatched account, invalid lookup id etc) will be re-assigned based on subsequent block if lead qualifies based on routing territory. 

Following Assignment options are available

Assign to Account Owner – Leads will be assigned to the matched account’s owner. If a lead in the selected territory does not have a matching account, then this rule is not applied. 

Assign to Opportunity Owner – Leads will be assigned to the most recent opportunity’s owner of the matched account. The opportunity status could be open or closed. If a lead in the selected territory does not have a matching account, or does not have any opportunity, then this rule is not applied. 

Tip: For Assign to Opportunity Owner, ensure that lead is matched to an account and the account record has a related opportunity.

Assign to Queue – Leads are assigned to the selected queue. 

Assign to Sales Rep – Leads are assigned to selected Sales Rep. 

Assign to SaleRep Lookup (Account) – Leads are assigned based on the “Sales Rep Lookup” field on the matched account. The Sales Rep Lookup field must be 18 character sales rep SFDC ID. Leads without matching accounts, or without the valid sales rep ID will not be assigned using this assignment block. 

Tip: For Assign to SaleRep Lookup (Account) , ensure that lead is matched to an account and the account record has a lookup field to store the sales rep 18 digit id. This is generally useful when routing leads to “Customer Success Manager” on the account instead of account owner.

Assign to Sales Team – Leads are assigned to the members of the Sales team using Round Robin algorithm. During the subsequent run, the round robin assignment starts from the point it was left during the previous run. 

Assign to weighted Sales Team – Leads are assigned to the member of Weighted Sales Team. Members of the Weighted Sales Team are assigned leads based on the law of probability by generating random numbers based on weightage. 

Do Not Assign – Leads are not assigned to any sales person, and are skipped the entire routing flow. These leads will remain in “Vyakar Queue” and will be re-processed during the next run. 

Automated Lead Router Workflow filters the leads and assigns/routes to the appropriate user or queue. This is used to reduce the manual workload.

New Assignment Rules can be created multiple times in the Lead Router’s canvas. However, Approved Routing Territory can be used in Lead Router workflow under an Assignment Block. 

Tip: Maximum 10  unique Routing Territory can be used for an Assignment Block.

Assignment Options

Prefer historical sales person to account affinity while assigning – When this option is selected, leads are assigned based on historical Account to Sales person affinity. Everytime a lead is routed, LeadAngel creates a mapping between the Company Name (Net New or CRM Accounts) and Sales Rep. With this option turned ON, leads in the current assignment block prefer the historical assignment mapping over the assignment option. If there is no historical mapping, the lead is routed using the assignment option

The existing Lead to Account Mapping can be reviewed and modified in the Sales Team – SR and Account Mapping.

Assign to Sales Rep/Owner mapped ISR – With this option, the leads are assigned to Sales Rep’s mapped ISR if the mapping is available under Sales Team – Sales Rep to ISR mapping. If the ISR is inactive, then the lead would be sent to Sales Rep instead. 

Tip: Only one option can be selected under “Prefer historical sales person to account affinity” OR “Assign to Sales Rep/Owner mapped ISR”

Auto Convert Leads into Contact and/or Accounts – When this option is selected, the leads are auto converted into contacts and/or accounts as specified in the Administration – Auto Conversion. Please contact LeadAngel support to make any changes to your auto conversion options. 

Send email notification to lead owner – This option is used to trigger a Salesforce process upon completion of lead routing. Enter the Process Builder API name in the text box. The Salesforce process can be used to send email, or do any other data updates. 

Note: Only a single Lead Router can be activated at a time.

Steps to create a new Lead Router:

  1. Go to the LeadAngel’s Dashboard and Right Click Lead Router to create a new Lead Router or a folder, enter a new and unique Name & Description(optional) and Save.
  1. Drag and drop the Available Assignment Block first, and then drag and drop Available Routing Territory available on the right side of the panel as per the requirements.
  1. In the “Assignment” section of the Assignment Block, select an Assignment Action from the dropdown menu and enter the required phrase or a value in the input box using the available operators
  1. Select an appropriate feature from the “More Options” button. Drag and drop the optional “Lead Attribute”, if required to update the field.
  1. Right Click and Approve newly created definition. Next, Activate/Deactivate the Approved Lead Router.

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