Lead Router Overview

A Lead Router assigns CRM leads as per the definition. The Lead Router module, under Lead Management, is a flow builder that is made up of multiple assignment blocks. There is no limit on the number of assignment blocks that a lead router can have. A Lead Router is a set of assignment blocks and each assignment block contains three components:

  1. Routing territories 
  2. Assignment
  3. Optional Features

One or many (up to 10) routing territories can be dropped on each assignment block. Leads in any of these routing territories are routed as per the routing rule on the assignment block. 

Assignment blocks are executed in the order of appearance. 

For more information, refer to the following sections:

  • Creating a New Lead Router
  • More Options

Note: If the option to continue to the next assignment block is selected under preferences, any failed assignment (due to inactive owner, unmatched account, invalid lookup id etc) will be re-assigned based on the subsequent block if the lead qualifies based on routing territory. 

If a lead qualifies for multiple routing territories and for some reason the lead is not assigned using an assignment block, then the flow of execution goes to the next assignment block. The same routing territory can not be added to different assignment blocks, in a lead router. One routing territory can be added to only one assignment block, in a lead router.

For more information, refer to the following sections: