MA Lead Filters

MA Lead Filter is used to qualify the MA leads with the help of Account Based Marketing Segmentation. Approved multiple MA Lead Filter can be used in Marketing Lead Segment.

Possible variations are matched when “Smart MA Lead Attributes” are used in the canvas. 

Note: This feature is used to filter the data when multiple variations are found. 

Steps to use a MA Lead Filter Module:

  1. Go to the LeadAngel’s Lead Router Dashboard and Click Data Dictionary dropdown menu.
  2. Right Click on “MA Lead Filter” to create a new MA Lead Filter or a folder, enter a new and unique Name and Save.
  1. Drag and drop the MA Lead Attributes or Smart MA Lead Attributes available on the right side of the panel.
  1. Enter the required phrase or a value in the input box using the available operators.

Right Click and Approve newly created definition.

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