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Round Robin Sales Team

LeadAngel allows to create Round Robin teams to distribute Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, or Cases to a group of users or queues. Round Robin streamlines and automates the process of distributing leads to sales reps. 

A Round Robin sales team is useful when leads come in and they have to be assigned to a team. Generally, the sales teams are called SDR (Sales Development Representatives) or ISR (Inside Sales Representatives). They are the people who are the first line of sales people who attend when leads come on a website or a list is uploaded. 

In the Round Robin method, let’s say there are 10 leads that have to be assigned to a sales team of 3 people. The first lead goes to the first person, the second lead goes to the second person, the third lead goes to the third person, and the fourth lead goes again to the first person, and similarly, the leads are distributed in a circular way.

More than one Round Robin Sales Team can be created. Each team can be used multiple times in the assignment blocks of the router.

Tip: Router automatically skips the inactive sales rep in the Round Robin Sales Team. Also, the “Queues” are skipped while routing the objects other than leads (Opportunity, Contact etc).

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