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Routing Concepts

LeadAngel follows the rule of 3 when routing leads

  1. Define
  2. Refine
  3. Route

1. Define

Define your organization by using LeadAngel Data Dictionaries and Sales Team menus. Data Dictionaries are used to document and unify your corporation definition and jargon such as:

  1. An enterprise account is with revenue more than 1B USD OR more than 2000 employees
  2. List of top 1000 Named Account
  3. For us, customer is anyone with active support or anyone who purchased in past 3 years
  4. Our Sales is organized by geographical territories and product interest
  5. SDR team is anyone who reports to John Doe in Portland

2. Refine

Intentionally, the definitions above are stand-alone criteria so it could be defined more granularity. It provides a layer of abstraction, and an opportunity to slice and dice the definitions to further refine them into “actionable” territories for routing.

The result of step 2 is a set of CRM Lead that could be used in the routing.

3. Route

After applying refining criteria in the step above, the CRM leads are ready to be routed using Routing Territory in Lead Router. Each Routing Territory has its set of routing and data value update rules.