Routing Preferences

Administrator can set the organization wide preferences for lead routing and data management on the preference tab.

1.Duplicate Lead Management

Select this option to merge duplicate leads found during routing. you must select an option to keep either the old or new record as master lead record.

Header details of Master Lead record survives, while the activities of both the lead records are merged together.

2. Assign to Account Owner

Select this option to match any leads matched with an account to be assigned to matching account owner. This rule is applied before any of the rules configured in lead router is executed.

3. Continue to Next Assignment Rule if Owner is inactive

Many times a named sales representative or account owners may be inactive. There are two possible solutions to such cases:

a. Wait for the lead to be qualify to other high priority territory, and then get assigned accordingly

b. Continue to other lower priority assignment rules

Selecting the “Continue to Next Assignment Rule” options is to continue to other lower priority assignment rules.

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