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Sales Rep to ISR Mapping

Sales Rep to ISR Mapping  is used when leads are assigned to mapped ISR/SDR instead of Sales Rep. This is especially useful when Account Executives have one on one relationship with ISR/SDR. 

Each Sales Rep can be mapped with one ISR/SDR, however one ISR/SDR can work with multiple Sales Rep. During routing, if the “Assigned to Mapped ISR” option is chosen, the lead is sent to the mapped ISR instead of the newly selected lead owner. 

The  Assignment Block will skip routing if both the sales reps and ISR are inactive. Also, the lead will automatically transfer to the active sales rep if any sales rep of the mapped group is inactive.

LeadAngel allows you to create a mapping between a sales rep and an ISR. In this method, you can map a sales and an ISR wherein a lead that comes for the sales rep will be sent to the ISR that it is mapped to when the “Assign to Mapped ISR” option is chosen in the assignment block.

For example, if Sales Rep 1 is mapped to ISR 1, then the lead that comes for Sales Rep 1 will be sent to ISR 1.

This mapping is very useful when you assign leads to the account owner and check the box to specify that instead of sending the lead to the account owner, send it to the mapped ISR.

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