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Activation Step 2: Manual Configuration

These actions need to be done only once during the setup process.

Assign the admin user(s) to “LeadAngel User” permission set

Typically, the system administrators and anyone expected to be used as Sync User needs to be added to “LeadAngel User” permission sets. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Setup -> Permission Sets and Select “LeadAngel User” permission set.

2. Click Manage Assignment

3. Click Add Assignment

4. Select the admin users you want to be able to Activate the OAuth Sync application. Generally, it should should be yourself and other system admins. Click on Assign once all the desired users have been selected.

Next, assign the LeadAngel User permission set to Vyakar LeadAngel App connected app, so that users with with-in permission sets can be used for activation.

5. Go to Setup -> App Manager and click Manage for Vyakar LeadAngel App app

6. Scroll down, click on Manage Permission Set

7. Select checkbox against LeadAngel User permission sets and click Save.

8. Go back to LeadAngel Settings page, click on the Activation Step 3: Authorize Integration button. It should be followed by a success message. LeadAngel will now sync leads, account and other objects and start matching. Depending on the record count, it may take a few hours for initial sync and match to finish.

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