SFDC App Setup

Please check the LeadAngel application setup pre-requisite for a successful installation and activation.

Installation or Upgrade pre-requisite

1. LeadAngel Application is supported on following Salesforce Editions

Professional (with API enabled)

2. Uninstall previous version if the new package is not compatible (warning shown during upgrade). Don’t worry, the data and lead router configuration is saved if the new package is installed with-in 7 days. Find the un-installation instructions here.

3. My domain for the organization must be setup and deployed to all users. There is no need to force all users to login using custom domain URL.

4. Must install and activate the app in Lightening Mode

5. Deliverability must be setup to “Access Level – All Email”

Setup -> Administration -> Email Administration -> Deliverability -> “Access to Send Email” -> “All Email”

Installation and Activation

LeadAngel application must be installed in Lightening Mode to ensure all the security components are configured correctly.

The oAuth credentials from the person activating the app will be used for data sync. If your organization has a dedicated API login, please use that account to activate the app. The authorized user can be changed anytime just by clicking activate button by the intended logged in user.

1. Switch to lightening mode

2. Install the application from the App Exchange (for free users) or using the URL provided by LeadAngel Support (for paid users). Select “Install for All Users” during installation

3. Once installed, open the “LeadAngel” application, and go to “Lead Angel Settings” Tab. If nothing shows up, click on the tab. If the page does not load, please check all the pre-requisites are met and refresh page.

4. Click on “Activate or Refresh LeadAngel Key”. It may take up to a minute to setup the key. Make sure cookies are enabled on your computer browser.

5. Once the activation is successful, LeadAngel will start matching leads to accounts. Depending on the volume, it may take a few hours.

6. Customize the Lead and Account Layout as explained in Layout Customization (see layout customization options in the sections below)

7. If required, provide read only access to non admin profiles (Setup -> Users -> Profiles) for following LeadAngel objects. Also modify custom app settings. Only non standard profiles can get these permissions. Standard profile sets will be able to set any of the custom object permission.

a. accountTriggerDb

b. FieldListAcc

c. FieldListCont

d. FieldListObj

e. FieldListOpportunities

f. leadTriggerDb

g. OppFieldListObj

h. Vyakar Lead Routing Settings

i. Vyakar Lead to Account Match

j. Vyakar User

8. Optionally, profiles can be removed/added using the Application Manager. Ensure to update profile assignment for both “Classic” and “Lightening” applications. Go to Setup -> App Manager and edit user profile for following two apps. 

8.1 LeadAngel Classic

8.2 LeadAngel Lightening

It is best practice to make changes in a TEST layout before rolling out to wider team. Layout changes are optional, and the visibility is impacted by user’s profile privileges.

Layout Customization

1. Lead Page Layout

1.1 Add “LeadAngel Matched Company Name” fields

1.2 Lightening:

1.2.1 Add a custom tab, rename the tab to “LeadAngel

1.2.2 Add the “leadAngelDetails” lightening component

1.2.3 Save the changes

1.2.4 Assign the layout to default org and activate (if not done already).

1.3 Classic:

1.3.1 Add a blank section with single column

1.3.2 Add “leadAngelDetails” visual force page with height of 600 pixel

1.4 Customize the columns or lists in the LeadAngel tab from the “Lead Angel Settings” page

2. Account Page Layout

2.1 Add “Leads” Related List

Lead Router Portal

1. After the successful activation and completion of initial match. LeadAngel Support team will send login credentials to LeadAngel routing portal.
2. If you have any questions, please send an email to success@leadangel.com

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