SFDC Uninstallation

A clean uninstallation is required for upgrade or re-installation of the application.

Uninstallation Instructions

1. Remove the Lead and Account layout customizations. Refer to setup instructions to learn about the customization.

2. Uninstall the Package

3. Un-assign the users, and delete the “LeadAngel User” permission set.

Goto Setup -> Users -> Permission Sets

Click on “LeadAngel User” permission set.

Click on “Manage Assignment” on next screen. Select all the listed users and click on “Remove Assignment

Come back to “Permission Sets” and delete the “LeadAngel User” permission set.

4. Remove the OAuth connected app named “Vyakar LeadAngel App”. There may be multiple app for SandBox and Production.

Goto “App Manager”

Search for “Vyakar LeadAngel App” connected app.

Click on the down arrow in the last column, and select “View

Click “Delete” on the next screen


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