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Upgrade to Enterprise Version

Great that you started with Free LeadAngel app from Salesforce App Exchange. Upgrade to LeadAngel enterprise app is seamless and takes only a few minutes. Enterprise app is refreshed more frequently with additional features than the listing in App Exchange.

LeadAngel Enterprise app is not available in app exchange. Please contact your account executive or sales representative for the setup link.

Ever heard the joke “How do you put an elephant into a refrigerator?”. Well, upgrade to enterprise edition is a similar 3-step process

  1. Uninstall the Free Edition
  2. Cleanup the remote site settings created by Free Edition
  3. Install and activate the Enterprise Edition

Uninstall Free Edition

Uninstalling LeadAngel Free Edition is like uninstalling any other app downloaded from Salesforce App Exchange. In Salesforce instance you want to uninstall

  1. Go to Setup -> Installed Packages
  2. Under the installed package header, find “LeadAngel” package.
  3. Click “Uninstall” link in the front of the package
  4. We recommend you select “Do not save a copy of this package data” option
  5. Confirm the uninstall request by checking “Yes” option
  6. Click “Uninstall” button
  7. Wait for uninstall to complete

After the installation, LeadAngel will stop syncing the data with your organization until you install and activate the Enterprise application

If you uninstalled the Free Edition unintentionally, you can reinstall and re-activate the application. Please contact LeadAngel Support at support@leadangel.com to re-sync the historical data.

Cleanup Remote Site Settings

After the Free Edition app is uninstalled, the “Remote Site Settings” created as part of activation processes needs to be removed manually.

  1. Go to “Setup -> Administer -> Security Controls -> Remote Site Settings”
  2. Delete all LeadAngel related Remote Site Settings (LeadAngel appears in name or the remote URL)

Install and Activate Enterprise Edition

To install, activate and configure the Enterprise Edition, please get the setup link from your Account Executive or Sales Representative. Once the link is available, follow the SFDC App Setup process.

If you have configured LeadAngel Lead Routing using the Free Edition, it will continue to work upon activation of Enterprise Edition without any further intervention.

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