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US Business Data

Fuzzy match a company name against 22M US Business Data records, and get the basic firmographic information. See the developer portal for the request and response details.

Sign Up / Sign In

Sign-up or Sign-in at LeadAngel Developer Portal to access your API, Organization Admin User, Product subscription/keys and view reports.    

Product Subscription and Activation

Organization Admin user can subscribe to one or more products from the Developer Portal. Each product can have only one active subscription per Organization. Product Subscription must be approved by LeadAngel in order to be active. Please feel free send an email to success@leadangel.com to expedite your product activation. Once the subscription is active, a notification email will be sent to Organization Admin with further instructions. 

API Access Guidelines

The APIs are accessed using the Product Subscription Keys. Subscriptions Keys are assigned to every product the organization has subscribed to on the developer portal.

Developers who need to consume the published APIs must include a valid subscription key in HTTP requests headers when they make calls to those APIs. Otherwise, the calls are rejected immediately by the LeadAngel API Management gateway. To get a subscription key for accessing APIs, a subscription is required. Developers must first create an Organization Admin User to subscribe to a product to get access to the API. Once subscribed, a subscription key that is good for any API in that product. Product subscription needs approval from LeadAngel. To fast track approval, feel free to contact LeadAngel support at success@leadangel.com

API can be accessed by passing the subscription key as a header parameter. Please refer to the sample and syntax available on the developer portal.

Common Response Codes

200 OK: Expected response has been returned

401 Unauthorized: Authorization Error

403 Forbidden: Exceeding daily quota

429 Too many requests: Exceeding spike rate

505 HTTP Version Not Supported: Internal Server Error on the LeadAngel server farm. Please contact support with the error details.

Rate Limitation

1. Rate Calculation: Daily API calls limit and Spike Limit is applied by the subscription ID, and is applied cumulatively across all APIs in the subscription.

Example, if a subscription has two APIs (API A and API B), and API A makes 8 requests per second, and API B makes 2 requests per second, then they hit the Spike Rate limit of 10 requests per second. 

Only the successful requests with response code of 200 are counted towards Rate Calculation. 

Note: Each subscription ID has two subscription keys. Developer can use any subscription key as the limits are applied by subscription ID. 

2. Rate Calculation Window: Rates are calculated on the basis of rolling window (defined by 1 second increment).

  • Spike rate is calculated by rolling 1 second window.
  • Daily limit is calculated by rolling 86,400 seconds (i.e. 24 hours) window. 

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